To be a vegetarian is to eat food that are not animals or body parts of animals. Some people still eat "white meat" as poultry and fish and call themselves vegetarians, which is really not the case. The term comes from vegetable, meaning a person who eats only vegetables, but there are many other sources of food that vegetarians can eat. Vegetarians can eat dairy, but another type of vegetarians, called vegans, don't even eat dairy products. Eggs are also banned from the food list of a truly vegetarian person.

A person who becomes a vegetarian for the animal cause will not wear leather or fur as well. Neanderthals used to wear fur and animal skin. We have evolved a bit since, so we should be looking in the market for alternative materials, yet as beautiful and strong as the ones our ancestral friends used to wear.

To be vegetarian became popular in the 60's, when western people came in contact with the earsten philosophy which taught us about karma and the evolvement of the soul. The idea did not vanish with the end of the hippie era, though. It remained and expanded. It makes sense. Vegetarians are down to the earth, standing against animal killing and cruelty. The whole philosophy behind it is that humans do not need to kill animals to eat, because not only our body was not designed for animal eating, but also our spirit needs to be cleansed in order to evolve to higher levels of existence.

Peace and non violence in the world cannot be achieved if human beings keep continuously putting animals through suffering and death merely for the satisfaction of the senses.