Life isn't more difficult now. It becomes better, actually. Why? You start to cleanse your body of the toxic meat products you've been eating. You feel more energetic. You start to eat food that can fight diseases. You feel good being one more person to say no to animal slaughtering, you become wiser.

When you realize the reason to become a vegetarian you start to look at many things differently. People may try to tell you why they think you are wrong, or even call you crazy, but a fact is a fact despite all the theory. I understand they do not know many things I know now and that they think now as I used to think, years ago. If they ask me questions about it I give them a short simple answer and do not try to argue with anybody. If someone is serious about knowing more about it, then I talk about it, and I suggest books and web sites, so they can check them out.

You have to understand that to become a vegetarian for a cause is no a trend. The person who embraces it understands many things about the world that the rest of the people don't. There will be books to read, lectures and speaches to attend, other vegetarians to associate with. It is a different path to follow, and a much better one.

What about restaurants, parties, other people's dinners or lunches you are invited to? If you want to go to a restaurant, you can look for vegetarian dishes on the menu (you'll almost always find some). If not, hey, you can leave it politely, there are so many more out there. If you are not sure if there will be vegetarian dishes on a party, you can eat before getting there. Nowadays I cook for myself. I find it fun and I really like it. I can cook dishes of different ethnicities, and they are all vegetarian.