Many people criticize and want to find reasons why vegetarians "might be wrong", but this happens because people want an excuse to continue eating animals without being bothered with changes and guilt.

One of the main excuses people give to close their eyes and hearts to animal slaughtering is believing that animals wouldn't have soul, but this thought is not logical. You eat, animals eat. You sleep, animals sleep. You defend yourself, animals also defend themselves. You mate and have children. Animals also do it. If your skin is cut, there is blood. If animals skin is cut, there is also blood. You scream with pain when hurt, animals scream as well. According to the Bible, animals have souls. Texts such as Genesis 1:21,24 are often mistranslated to read "living creatures." The exact Hebrew used in reference to animals throughout the Bible is "nephesh chayah," or "living soul. (Genesis 7:15, 22) Numbers 16:22 refers to the Lord as "the God of spirits of all flesh." Why deny the presence of the soul in an animal?. Again, it makes easier for people to go on eating them.

The food chain - Some people may say that there is a "food chain" in the animal kingdom, in which animals survive by eating other animals, and that this is been going on since the creation. Yes, there is a food chain for some... animals. Their bodies are fit for that. The human bodies are built differently from animals that eat meat. There are animals that are vegetarian too, did you know? Which ones? The ones people eat the most, for example, the cows. The cows don't participate in the "food chain", what to speak of humans. The cows, the ones which give us milk, that in some cultures are considered our mothers, are vegetarian, and, despite all this, thousands of these pious animals are slaughtered every day in the world for people to eat, unnecessarily.

But in the Bible... - In the ancient (original) Bible, God states that people are meant to be vegetarians (eat herbs, seeds, fruits), but due to the human weakness there was a temporary permission to mankind not to do so. You can check it out on the "Links" section. The Bible was modified many times, as during the Empire of Justinian, in the VIth century, when some topics, as reicarnation, were taken out of the Book.