Anemia - Vegans don't eat dairy and can become anemic for the lack of vitamin B12, which is found in whole milk. Vegans and vegetarian children (because they are growing) should take B12 and iron supplements. Other than that, if you eat normal vegetarian food like me you will not be anemic. I've never been anemic. I do not take vitamin or iron supplements. My regular check-ups come back normal.

Weakness - People think that vegetarian diet make them weak and they claim they need meat to become stronger. On the contrary, you feel more energetic without the load of unnatural substances that come with the meat. You start eating foods that help fight diseases like soy, lots of greens and lots of fruit. Vegetarians that develop cancer have better chances to fight it. Acording to research studies, vegetarians are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease, and they are 40 less likely to develop cancer than meat-eaters. Also, vegetarians have stronger immune systems than meat-eaters. Of course, you can put on weight being vegetarian, but then it will be for the amount of food that you are eating, and not for the quality of it.

The protein - You can get protein from sources other than the decomposing meat that they sell to you full of hormones and other drugs to make it look "red and juicy". Whithout these substances in it, if you looked at the meat , you wouldn't even want to come near it. You can get protein from dairy, green leaves, nuts, beans, chick peas, and soy, for example. One cup of potatoes gives you 7g of protein. Cheese, peanuts and lentils contain more protein per ounce than hamburger and pork. Actually, people need less protein than they eat every day. Although I don't eat any meat and eggs since 1999, my hair and nails grow fast and I am a quick healer.