A lot of astonished people ask me "so, what do you eat?", and I answer "food, I just put the meat aside". It is amazing how people are so used to meat eating that they can't imagine a world where meat is not at all on the menu. If you walk in the supermarket you will find the meat session on a row at the back, but then you look at the rest of the supermarket and what do you find? Food! A lot of food that the vegetarian person can it.

The thing with the vegetables - for most of people, vegetables have the reputation of not being tasty. This is because most of people treat them almost as medicine, cooking and serving them as quickly and lame as possible, almost like an obligation for the sake of health and the conscience. You can even see it on the tv commercials. Now, imagine if you cooked your meat without any seasoning at all, what would it taste like? I once had potatoes that were cooked only in water and served just like that. No salt, nothing. No wonder people do not look forward to eatting their veggies.

With salads is the same thing. Toss some letuce, cucumbers on a bowl, put salt, vinegar and olive oil on it and call it a salad. It is a salad allright, but come on, you can do better than that. Watch people cooking on the TV, go online and you find so many ways to cook, grill, roast, fry vegetables and prepare salads, so delicious and gorgeously looking.