Unfortunately, a few years ago, I've discovered something about the making of the cheese. That most of the cheese we buy is not vegetarian. That's right. Not vegetarian. Most of the imported and american cheese avaliable in stores all over the world is made with an enzyme called rennet, extracted from the stomach of young animals, such as calves, goats and sheep. If you read the label on the ingredient description, sometimes it will say "animal rennet", or if it says "cheese cultures" you can also bet it is made with this rennet.

The good news is that there are vegetarian cheeses on the market as well. They are made with vegetal or microbial rennet. Those are the ones I buy. I spend a little more time reading the labels at the supermarket and if there are none there, I go to the stores where I know they are avaliable. Nowadays, more and more brands all over the world are realizing the vegetarian population as customers they might be losing, and they are starting to make cheese with vegetarian rennet.