I wonder what makes people not sensitive about the fact that what they are eating an animal. I've been to a modern slaughter house once. You can hear the animals mooing with pain when the machine cames down to behead them, many times more than once. Then the animal is cut open and the organs go to separated machines, that will strip them to collect whatever they need for different purposes. The rest goes to the garbage. Everything happens very fast. As soon as I realized what meat eating really was, it didn't take me too long to let go of it. I wonder why most of people still do not see the big picture. Picking a lobster to be boiled alive, for the satisfaction of the senses, how evil can it get?

On the other hand, people get very touched in their hearts when a pet is rescued from abuse or a species needs to be saved from extintion. There is no rescue for the cows, though. Cows and other animals people eat are abused every day, by the thousands. According to the article Factory Farming and Pollution: Meat Eaters are Polluting our Environment on Suite 101.com, the HSA (Humane Slaughter Act) is designed to protect animals during the moment of slaughter but it is not humane at all. The HSA doesn’t cover poultry, fish, or rabbits, which means these animals are fully conscious when they are brutally slaughtered. The act also has no bearing on living conditions, transport and handling and the HSA is rarely enforced which means that workers are routinely cruel to the animals and do not make sure they are fully unconscious before they proceed to slit their throats or dunk them in acid, which burns off their skin. See what happens inside slaughter houses.

Much of the germ-infestation of meat is caused by feeding farm animals foods that are unnatural to them. Cattle are now fed corn, which they are unable to digest, but it makes them fat very quickly. Cattle feed also contains chicken feces. The millions of pounds of chicken litter (feces, feathers and all) scraped off the floors of chicken houses are recycled as cattle feed. The whole article about it is on "The bad energy of meat eating", on "Links and References".