Karma is an universal rule that happens no matter if you believe in it or not, or which religion you follow. It is a law of cause and effect. Someone does something good and they are rewarded, in one way or another. Someone does something bad, they will be punished, sooner or latter. You can see it daily, it does not stop. It will happen in this life and in the next. It happened to you so many times, although you did not know why it took place, and it happened to people you know, and they probably never realized they had been punished or rewarded. Good karma and bad karma, nobody can escape from it.

Why is it happening? Karma happens for the soul to purge its wrong doing while changing bodies birth after birth. It is a very long process. There is no guarantee the soul will move up on every birth. It can go down by bad karma and it can take thousands of years for the soul to move up again.

There is bad karma with the animal killing business. It comes back to earth as war and violence. People are not only killing a living being, but are also making or contributing to the great suffering and torture that happens in the cages where they have to eat unnatural food and await in small spaces for the slaughter to happen.

Most people would like to live in a world with peace and harmony, and there are movies, books and songs about it. However, when the real way to achieve it is approached and suggested, there are only a few who will check it out, discuss about or embrace it. It is like they are saiying: "OK, I want peace and harmony, but do not touch my meat!" So they miss the chance again, of a higher standard of life, and the cycle goes on to the next generation.